We just got word that Dropbox for BlackBerry has been updated to beta 5 and 1000 test slots have been opened into the closed beta.  Dropbox is a cloud based file synchronization service that allows you to keep files synchronized between computers, the web, and various smartphones.

A post over on the Dropbox forums letting beta testers know that Dropbox for BlackBerry beta 5 is now available and that 1000 new test slots have been opened went up about 8 hours before this post, so, act fast if you want to try to get in.  I just got into the beta at about 10:30 a.m. EST, but, have no idea how many slots are left.

Even if you can’t get into the Dropbox for Blackberry beta, I highly recommend Dropbox to anyone that may ever need to access files on more than one computer.  You must  have a Dropbox account before you can get into the Dropbox for BlackBerry beta, so, why not give it a shot.  Dropbox is free, so, you definitely can’t beat the price.