The other day I was having a conversation with a colleague that told me that they finally broke down and bought their first BlackBerry even though it isn’t quite there yet. I asked him what he meant by “not being there yet” and he said that the BlackBerry won’t allow him to leave his laptop at home. This got me to thinking. Is it really meant to?

I know that there is a subset of BlackBerry users that does everything with their device, including, showing PowerPoint presentations, however, I imagine that the majority of even the most die-hard BlackBerry addicts use their device primarily to send and receive and make phone calls.

When it comes to my laptop I tend to carry it everyplace that I could actually use it even though I have my BlackBerry with me pretty much 100% of the time. I love my 7130e, but, I have yet to find anything, less slipping it into my pocket and making calls, that it does better than my laptop. My BlackBerry allows me to stay connected when using my laptop isn’t convenient, however, I don’t see nor have I ever seen my BlackBerry as a replacement .

I honestly don’t see my BlackBerry ever, at least not in the near future, replacing my laptop. Is it just me?