Over the passed few weeks the most interesting and heated debates here on RIMarkable have been about CDMA and GSM networks, which technology is better, and who will ultimately win out here in the United States. Most would argue that GSM is technologically better than CDMA and, as the name implies, is the global standard, however, here in the U.S., CDMA networks tend to have the best coverage.

WiMAX: The new kid on the block…
While CDMA and GSM proponents have been duking it out, the proverbial “new kid on the block” has just moved in and, from what I can tell, has the coolest looking bicycle.

With WiMAX and all that it offers coming to a cell tower near you in the not too distant future, does it make all the fussing over GSM, CDMA, and who is better pretty much pointless? I know that mass WiMAX adoption is still a ways off, however, I believe that it will be pervasive well before GSM eliminates CDMA or visa versa here in the United States.