I was just thinking that I cannot wait for BlackBerry Connect to be offered on a variety of devices in the U.S. Then I thought “Wait a minute!”, I have been waiting for BlackBerry Connect to catch on here for a few years now. It can’t possibly take a company like Research in Motion years to get licensing deals with other manufacturers worked out in the U.S. and nowhere else. Finally I thought, “Does RIM really want Blackberry Connect to take off in the U.S.?

When take a look at the numbers, Research in Motion makes most of its revenue in the U.S. Even though BlackBerry user subscriptions are going up, RIM still makes the overwhelming majority of it’s profits from BlackBerry handheld sales. That being said, is the real reason that BlackBerry Connect is being adopted at a snail with a bum knee’s pace due to RIM not wanting to share the wealth when it comes to hardware? I am not really sure, however, if this is the case RIM better be careful not to go the way of the Macintosh.

I know that I will get at least 3 emails telling me how great the Mac is and how good Apple is doing right now but if tomorrow all the Macs on earth disappeared, it would be an annoyance. If all the PCs disappeared tomorrow, however, the earth just might stop spinning on it’s axis.