Just a few months ago Research in Motion launched BlackBerry App World, its App Store like BlackBerry application portal where you can download free and premium BlackBerry applications directly to your device.  There was a lot of anticipation leading up to the launch of BlackBerry App World, however, now that it’s here, you really don’t hear all that much about it.

One of the huge differences between BlackBerry App World and Apple’s App Store is that the App Store is pretty much the only place to get applications for your iPhone or iPod Touch.  BlackBerry App World, on the other hand, is one of many places to get applications for you BlackBerry and, often is not the most convenient place to do so.

I upgraded the OS on my BlackBerry Storm about 6 weeks or so ago, and, before I did, I wiped the device clean.  I am just today reinstalling BlackBerry App World a because someone asked me a question about it and I realized that I never reinstalled it when I updated my device a month and a half ago.  Conversely, I probably visit the App Store on my iPod Touch once a week or more.

I am one of those people who is constantly installing new applications on my BlackBerry and testing them out.  Probably more than a couple per week on average and the point is that I didn’t have to have BlackBerry App World installed to do so.  I can only think of one BlackBerry app off the top of my head that is only available via BlackBerry App World.  I am sure that there are more, however, can App World ever hope to catch any of that App Store type thunder in a bottle  if most apps found on App World aren’t exclusive to App World?