One of the big BlackBerry rumors floating around the web over this passed weekend was that Sprint may be launching a CDMA BlackBerry Bold in Q1.  Although this may be big news for Sprint, I cannot remember a time when Sprint came out with a new BlackBerry before Verizon.

That being said, I wonder how long it will be before Verizon comes out with their branded CDMA BlackBerry Bold.

I doubt RIM has any doubt that a CDMA BlackBerry Bold would sell much better on Verizon than it would on Sprint and, if I were a betting man, would venture that Sprint is aware of this fact as well.  I just don’t see Sprint signing some long exclusivity deal with RIM to carry the Bold because AT&T subscribers can arleady get it, and Verizon subscribers won’t swicth to Sprint to get it even if they offered it for free.

I am sure that Verizon wants to see a few more BlackBerry Storms move out the door but I don’t think that the emergence of a CDMA BlackBerry Bold would hinder that.  It’s not like Verizon subscribers who don’t want a touch screen only BlackBerry will eventually come around.  They simply will wait until on an alternative.

I am guessing the Verizon subscribers won’t have to wait too long…