If you haven’t heard yet, BlackBerry Media Sync was released yesterday so now BlackBerry users are able to transfer their non DRM protected iTunes Media over to their BlackBerry. I downloaded BlackBerry Media Sync when it was leaked a month or so ago, and I downloaded it yesterday to make sure that I have the latest version.

Know that I am fully able to transfer music and podcasts from iTunes to my BlackBerry I fully admit that I probably never will. I guess just knowing that I could if I wanted to is enough for me.

Sometimes when you need to drive a nail, the best thing to do is hit the damn thing with a hammer.

I am not trying to tell you the the iPod is the best MP3 player out there, however, when you combine it with iTunes and the iTunes store, I believe there is no better option for listening to watching content while on the go. Hell, I’ve got an iPhone and barely listen to music with it just because my library is too big and it is a hassle choosing which movies I want to watch before I go on a trip when I can just take them all with me on my iPod Video.

I am not going to jog while listening to my BlackBerry. I am not going to hook my BlackBerry up to the DVD player in my car. My BlackBerry doesn’t fit any of the various speaker systems or alarm clocks around my house or office. Convergence is fine concept, but, sometimes, it is just not necessary.

Maybe a better question to ask over do you really listen to music on your BlackBerry is do you really need to?