Research in Motion co-CEO, Jim Balsillie, has been true to his word when he said that social networking was key to the BlackBerrys future. Facebook for BlackBerry is already a huge hit and, since making those statements, Linked In has revamped their mobile website which now is available on the BlackBerry with rumors of a Linked In BlackBerry client coming.

Research in Motion is also working with Dipdive, the online music service and social networking site started by Black Eyed Peas front man According to the Globe and Mail, RIM plans to launch a Dipdive client in the next few months, however, that isn’t the only content provider that RIM is working with.

“There isn’t a content player that we’re not dealing with in a structured way right now,” Mr. Balsillie said “We kind of feel like Venice, everybody passes though on the way to where they’re going.”

I must say that I really like the tone of that quote from Balsillie. I think I and a lot of BlackBerry users would be happy with just a flash player and the ability to play YouTube videos. The fact that it sounds like RIM is working on much more than just that brings anticipation to what cool new things future BlackBerry devices will do.