There is an article coming out of the UK from stating that RIM is responsible for the leak of the BlackBerry 8800/9XXX specs and details and did so in order to “stave off competition from Apple’s iPhone”. We first heard about them over on BGR. Like Steve from BlackBerry Cool, I don’t believe that BG would regurgitate a press release that RIM wanted to put out as an insider leak.

If RIM did, however, “leak” this information, how lame is that?

If RIM really wants to combat pressure from Apple don’t just leak info about your new devices soon to come out. Announce them. Make a frigging commercial or two. Get Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan to hock them for you. Release it on you network with the biggest BlackBerry subscriber base.

There are a crap load of things that RIM can do to take some if the wind out of Apple’s sales if they ever decide not to run business as usual when trying to market to consumers. I can tell you, however, that leaking, features that everyone already assumed is not one of them.

If RIM did indeed leak features of their upcoming BlackBerry devices, I say again,
how lame is that?

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