We got a bit of an early preview of a press release that is going out tomorrow morning about a free Text Message and IM archiving solution from Dexrex.

We’ve posted the entire press release after the jump, however, to make a long story short, Dexrex for BlackBerry automatically archives text (SMS) messages sent your BlackBerry. If you aren’t discipline enough to email all of your text messages to yourself, managing them can be an absolute chore.

With text-messaging becoming more and more commonly used for business communication I can see where a service such as Dexrex for BlackBerry could come in handy. We are going to put Dexrex through the paces and will come back and give a proper review.

Dexrex Releases Free Message Archive Service for BlackBerry

Amherst, MA. June 9,2008 Dexrex LLC announces release of a free message backup system and web inbox service that allows BlackBerry users to instantly archive their SMS (text) messages. Available for download at http://www.dexrex.com, Dexrex for BlackBerry archives SMS messages to a web account accessible from any internet-enabled device. Once logged in, account holders can access their messages for personal reference, forwarding, and browsing.
The Dexrex for BlackBerry service is available for consumer and enterprise BlackBerry users with OS versions 4.2.1 and higher. Going forward, the company promises expanding support and continuing development of new features for account holders. In addition to this service, Dexrex offers free, real-time archiving of Instant Messenger conversations from every major IM network. For more details, visit http://www.dexrex.com.
Most people lose their SMS messages after 30 days, and theyre hard to keep organized, said Derek Lyman, CEO of Dexrex LLC. Dexrex for BlackBerry not only stores your SMS messages indefinitely, but also makes them accessible from any internet-enabled device. Users are then able to browse, search, and share those messages via Dexrex.com.

About Dexrex

Dexrex is an information technology company that provides consumer and business textual data management services for instant message (IM)networks and mobile text (SMS) messages. The company began in 2005 as a student project at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Founders Richard Tortora and Derek Lyman had a passion for improving IM, and helping people to better understand their online interactions. The companys goal is to organize textual communication and make all text portable. For more information visit http://www.dexrex.com.

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