We’ve got a pretty good BlackBerry Deal of the Day, today, January 28th.  Tether for BlackBerry is on sale for $24.99, 50% of the regular price of $49.99.  Tether is on my list of 10 of the greatest BlackBerry applications of all time, and it is one of the best selling applications in the RIMarkable Store.

If you are trying to tether your BlackBerry to your  PC or Mac so that you can use its mobile broadband connection, essentially using your BlackBerry as a modem of sorts for your laptop, Tether is, bar none, the best solution.  Unlike single use charges for Wi-Fi access when in a airport or hotel, Tether is a buy once, use as often as you like, application, and with the 50% off Deal of the Day pricing of just $24.99, it costs less than many wireless providers charge for their monthly tethering plans.

To check Tether out, just head over to www.tetherforblackberry.com.  There is a free trial available, but, remember, the 50% off Deal of the Day price of $24.99 ends tonight at midnight CST.

Check out Tether for BlackBerry for $24.99, today only!