Have you heard of Dateberry? From what I gather it is an Orkut style, invitation only, social networking site for BlackBerry addicted men and women looking to meet others with similar interests.

Since Dateberry is an invitation only service I cannot tell you much about it because we have not been invited, however, here are some of the Dateberry features:

  • Dateberry is for members only and is built on trusted referrals.
  • Membership is by invitation only from an existing member.
  • Female members can invite male and female friends. Male members only male friends.
  • Each member is asked to write brief a personal observation about the friend they are inviting and indicate whether they know them personally, or only spoken or know them through email.
  • When the person invited receives the invitation they may choose to accept or decline. If they accept they are able to add to their profile and post a picture should they wish to, remember that pheromones play a role in attraction. If they accept the person who invited them is notified and their profile posted.
  • Our Membership is growing. It’s FREE to join before our official launch on April 5th 2007. Thereafter membership is $24 per month.

Beyond Linked In, I am just not into the social networking sites as I am happily married. If, however, your are a member of Dateberry and would like to put up a review of the site, let us know via the comments.