Cool Stuff That I Installed On My BlackBerry This WeekA friend of mine stopped by my office this morning and asked me, “What cool stuff did you install on your BlackBerry this week?  I gave him a list of 4 or 5 goodies that I am playing around with and immediately thought that this would make a good post.

As a matter of fact I think that it would make a good series, so, with that,  Cool Stuff That I Installed On My BlackBerry This Week is born.

First we have Where for the BlackBerry Storm which is a location based cluster of apps under one interface that gives you information about restaurants and businesses near year you.

We also installed a couple of BlackBerry Themes this week.  One was series  of free BlackBerry Storm themes named Titanium Storm which comes in 6 different color schemes.  The other was Sterling, a free BlackBerry Theme set for the BlackBerry Bold, Storm, and Curve 8900.

Berry LabyrinthJust this morning installed a new BlackBerry Storm game named Berry Labyrinth.  It is a puzzle game where the object is to roll a ball around a board and drop it into a specific hole without allowing it to follow into other trap holes throughout the board.  It definitely showcases the sensitivity of the BlackBerry Storm’s accelorometer and for a beta, is pretty darn entertaining.

Download Berry Labyrith OTA to your BlackBerry Storm at

Even though I have since removed it, MySpace for BlackBerry Smartphones 1.5, if you use MySpace, is definitely worth downloading.   It has significant enhancements over the 1.0 release including friend status updates.  I only uninstalled it because I am more of a FaceBook kind of person which I hope an updated version of makes my cool stuff installed list next week.

This wraps up our first installment of Cool Stuff That I Installed On My BlackBerry This Week.  You may have noticed that everything on this weeks list was free.  This won’t always be the case, but, I figured that it would be a good way to start off our new series…