It’s been a while since our last installment of Cool Stuff I Installed On My BlackBerry This Week so BlackBerry applications installed over the passed several will be included for the week ending April 24th, 2009.   In this week’s edition we will cover a new internet radio client, a game for the BlackBerry Storm, a couple of social media clients, and RIM’s version of App Store.

The nice thing about this weeks list is that all the BlackBerry Applications listed are free BlackBerry applications.

BlackBerry App WorldBlackBerry App World

We figured that we would start the list off with BlackBerry App World since you can get several of the other applications on this weeks list on it.   I’ve been critical of App World and have offered a list of things RIM could to improve App World, however, at the end of the day RIM’s first stab at an App Store like portal where you can download BlackBerry applications until your heart is content is not too bad.

If you own a BlackBerry capable of running BlackBerry App World, which you can download by pointing your devices BlackBerry Browser to, I strongly suggest you install it because RIM is throwing a lot of marketing behind App World in an effort to make it a success.