I was just listening to Squawk Box on CNBC and one of their analysts attributed RIM’s upward moving stock price to good feelings about the BlackBerry 9000. They mentioned BGR’s First Impressions of the BlackBerry 9000 then called the device an iPhone Killer.

I know that it is just about 8:00 in the morning, however, I think that this is probably the most ridiculous thing that I will here all day.

Calling the BlackBerry 9000 an iPhone killer is just as bad as calling the iPhone a BlackBerry killer.

Even though RIM decided to put the suckiest keyboard that they’ve ever come up with on the BlackBerry 9000, a faster processor, 3G, and a new OS sporting a web browser they actually put some thought into will probably make the BlackBerry 9000 a hit. An iPhone Killer though? I think not.