Cingular Wireless, the largest U.S. Wireless operator, has become the first carrier to offer Good Technologies GoodLink software, a “Push” based email technology that allows the synchronization of email and information management data, to Cingular users who use selected Palm OS and Windows Mobile-based handhelds such as the Palm Treo and the Siemens SX66.

“This is a world-class wireless e-mail application that our customers have been asking for,” said Cingular spokesperson John Kampfe. With GoodLink, he said, business customers can access their Outlook systems without using a cradle and can update their software over the air.

Cingular previously offered GoodLink to over 5000 customers as a separate service but know will provide it on a singe bill.  Goodlink is being sold for $44.99 per month for unlimited data with qualifying voice plans.