Just the other day we asked the question “will RIM and Cingular launch the BlackBerry 7130c on June 13th?” Well, it looks like Cingular is making some big changes to it’s BlackBerry services the day before.

BlackBerry Forums member jdjleo, a Cingular employee, says that he got this exciting news this morning…

**LAUNCHES 6/12**

Cingular Launches New Blackberry Personal Unlimited Data Plans and Software Enhancements This is the launch announcement for the new BIS 2.0 Software Enhancements and Blackberry Personal Unlimited Data Rate Plans.
(Mon, June 05, 2006)
Issue/Volume number:
Available exclusively from Cingular, the new BlackBerry Personal Unlimited data rate plan is the preferred rate plan for BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) v2.0* users wanting wireless access to Internet email.

This plan offers unlimited email, HTML browsing and MEdiaNet usage for just $29.99 a month when activated with a voice plan or just $34.99 stand alone.

The target segments for the BlackBerry Personal Unlimited data rate plan are:
Multitasking working Moms
Young professionals/ladder climbers
Small business/sole proprietors

* BIS v2.0 is the easy-to-use wireless email solution that can be activated with every BlackBerry data rate plan. To understand the customer benefits of BIS v2.0, refer to the 6/12/2006 BIS v2.0 Sales Brief

Nowhere in this brief does it say anything about the release of the BlackBerry 7130c, however, earlier this morning Russell Shaw from BBHub said that he thought that the Cingular BlackBerry 7130c would be announced on June 12th. I think he might be right..