With the sudden craze of this game called Candy Crush Saga, a couple of days ago I just had to see what all the fuss was about. Of course over the past few weeks I have been getting these annoying Candy Crush game invites on Facebook almost daily from friends who play the game.

So I finally decided to load up the Z10 and download Candy Crush Saga but couldn’t find the game in BlackBerry World. Of course here we go again with another game/app not available on the BlackBerry platform, which is not a big surprise to me these days.

I did however find a nice alternative game called Candy Crushes in BlackBerry World. Now I’m sure this is an android ported app and not a native BB10 app but hey let’s give it a try. I must say that after playing Candy Crush Saga on the iPad mini I was very impressed with what BlackBerry had to offer with Candy Crushes.

I put together a comparison video below for all my fellow BB10 and PlayBook users.


Download Candy Crushes at BlackBerry World today!