The other day we put up a post about the new Treo 680 coming out from Palm that will be marketed towards consumers kind of like how the BlackBerry Pearl is. As I was looking up information on Treo 680 my oldest daughter said something to me about the 680 that she has never said about any BlackBerry, including the BlackBerry Pearl before. “Wow Dad, that new BlackBerry is really cute, especially the orange one.” I, of course, told her that it wasn’t a BlackBerry and the it was the new Treo 680 from Palm. She said that she likes it better because it is much cuter than that new BlackBerry with the camera.

From what I have noticed most stores that carry multiple brands of mobile devices from different carriers tend to group smartphone / PDA devices in the same area. I wonder how many 13 to 23 years that seem to want a new mobile phone every year or so will walk into a store looking for the BlackBerry Pearl and get completely side tracked by the colorful Palm Treo 680 sitting right next to it.

I am not going to speak for everyone, however, I think for younger consumers, so long as you can take pictures and send text messages reliably, how the device looks is one of the most important factors in determining if a device makes the birthday present / holiday gift request list.

Palm Treo 680