Research in Motion will soon release the BlackBerry Storm which looks like it will be the most powerful BlackBerry yet in terms of processing power and features. A powerful device allows for really cool applications, however, really cool BlackBerry applications are hard to find and even harder to develop.

I just heard that at the current rate of downloads, the Apple App Store, will cross the 1 billion download threshold by the end of the year. That is a staggering number of downloads in relatively short amount of time.

I will say right here that RIM cannot hope to duplicate this because you already can get BlackBerry applications from all over the place where, on the other hand, the App store is (sort of) the only place to get iPhone applications.

I am just wondering if and maybe hoping that RIM can come up with something that sits somewhere between the App Store and Many, and maybe even a majority, of BlackBerry users are only vaguely aware of the BlackBerry Help site, which has a few free BlackBerry applications and games that you can download directly to your device.

Would a portal where BlackBerry users could download hundreds or even thousands of cool BlackBerry applications fly. I know, there would first need to be hundreds or thousands of cool BlackBerry applications developed which would require a much easier way for BlackBerry developers to create BlackBerry applications, however, that is for another post.

Today we will just ask your opinion on if you think RIM could pull anything like the App Store off?