I started this debate with a co-worker on Friday of last week simply stating that if this ruling against Samsung holds up this would be a wonderful opportunity for BlackBerry to regain some much-needed market share in US.  The question is how can RIM exploit this ruling for its benefit and capitalize to gain lost and new users in the US Market?

I have said plenty of times before that RIM would have a good possibility to sneak in as Samsung and Apple fight over patent rights. Don’t think for one second that RIM is not paying very close attention to the developments in this case and are thinking of ways to benefit from it. To be honest it should have been RIM vs Apple from the get go, but that’s just my own personal opinion and thoughts.

Maybe this is the beginning of a much-needed change in the smart phone market of today. We must maintain diversity so I side with Apple for some of the patent rulings , but we also must not put ourselves in Robot mode as well.  The question still remains, can RIM benefit from the recent Samsung/Apple Infringement Case? Leave us some feedback , we would love to hear your responses!