A CrackBerryAddict that goes by the name of Dawg over on BlackBerry Forums says that T-Mobile will be coming out with a BlackBerry with a camera, or CameraBerry as I like to call it, in September.

This lucky Dawg, pun intended, actually got to hold the CameraBerry in his own two hands. He claims that the device is a bit bigger than an iPod Nano but smaller than the 71XX BlackBerry models, has a joystick instead of a thumb wheel, has a full QWERTY keyboard, and a memoryslot.

Dawg also said that a video of Jack Jack from The Incredibles was playing on the device and the clarity of the screen was “Amazing”. The CameraBerry supposedly takes better pictures than Dawg’s Samsung digital and has a 5X zoom.

This post definately goes in the BlackBerry Rumor Mill, however, as Russell Shaw from BBHub points out, Dawg, who has over 4700 posts on BlackBerry Forums, is pretty credible.

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