Big O Tires is offering a Free BlackBerry 7100t or 7290 with the purchase of any set of four new tires November 20th thru the end of the year. It looks like Big O is offering the free BlackBerry through who is the same company that NTB used when they ran their free BlackBerry offers.

There are two ways to receive your Free BlackBerry:

LOG ON to the website:

  • Click the PINK Button Place Order
  • In the Prompt Bar Enter: BIGOBLKB05 and Click OK
  • A congratulations page appears. Go to the bottom of this page and click on the CLICK HERE link
  • You will then go to a secure page. Choose your voice plan, unlimited data plan, read the agreement and then Click OK
  • You have now successfully completed your request and your device will be shipped. Your credit must be approved through T-Mobile and may be denied if it does not meet their credit standards.

You could always just call the toll free number as well. 1-866-663-1979

There is the usual fine print and service agreement subscription plan requirements associated with this Free offer, so, if you were going to buy tires anyway and want a BlackBerry, you should check this out.