Do you remember the first really credible release date for the Cingular BlackBerry Pearl? It was November 21st, leaked by Boy Genius, who up until that point had been perfect of his world famous leaks.

In a BlackBerry Cool exclusive interview, Boy Genius defends himself along with other technology bloggers and says that even though the Cingular Pearl didn’t come out until some week and a half after November 21st, he didn’t drop the ball.

I pride myself on accurate info or I wont post it. Did I drop the ball on this one? No. The information I got was off an internal Cingular Pearl presentation which clearly stated the Pearl would start shipping November 21st, I believe it was, that was moved up from November 28th. As we all found out it looks like they went back to November 28th. We as journalist can only report what we feel is credible. If a major carrier has a screwed up launch its not our problem. People can whine about it but at the end of the day, we leaked something that was credible and Cingular dropped the ball – not us. All we do is bring people the news, and info. They can then make their own decision.

BG, when asked if it was the fault of bloggers that the wrong release date was pushed around the globe, goes on to say…

No, of course its not the bloggers fault, we do what we do best. Blog. Put it like this: if there wasn’t a huge hype over the Cingy pearl would you have posted as many articles as you did? No. The people who frequent our sites drive the articles and we try and give them what they want.

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