I was just reading a thread over on BlackBerry Forums started by Steve from BlackBerry Cool about his interview last week with Boy Genius.

A few people liked the interview. A few people didn’t. One thing for sure, at least in this thread, is that Boy Genius isn’t feeling the love.

Maybe some folks are put off by BG’s demeanor or the fact the he, or they, are anonymous. BG’s leaks, however, have overwhelmingly been rock solid and he has built a reputation that is trusted by many bloggers who spread those leaks.

I don’t agree with all of the Boy Genius’ opinions such as the BlackBerry Pearl being “the downfall of RIM” even though analysts are starting to hum this tune as well. The pictures, the release dates, and leaks of new devices, however, are legit and you cannot take that away from BG.

Let’s face it. If this dude, or group of people, were giving us bogus information tech bloggers, myself included, would have ripped him to shreds long ago.

Boy Genius, keep doing what your doing.