Borders announced yesterday that it has launched a new eBook Store along with  eBook reader applications for various platforms including the BlackBerry.

There are over a million Borders eBooks at, including a generous selection of free
eBooks, to read on your Mac or PC desktop and on popular mobile devices. Just download any of
the FREE Borders eReader apps and relish the freedom.

The Borders eReader App for BlackBerry allows you to:

  • browse and buy eBooks at, where you’ll find over a million titles,
    including a generous selection of free books
  • search by title, author, topic, or keyword
  • make quick and easy purchases
  • access your eBook Library
  • download eBooks for offline reading
  • enjoy automatic bookmarking, print quality resolution, smooth transitions between
    pages and chapters, and customized fonts and type sizes

You may want to hold of on downloading the Borders eReader app until July 9th, however.  Anyone who downloads the reader between July 9th and 11th get five free eBooks.  Visit to download the app to your device.

There this isn’t a Borders eReader App specifically for the BlackBerry Storm or Storm2, however, the BlackBerry Bold version initially seems to work if you run it in compatibility mode.