I just recently received an email from Royal Caribbean letting me know that if you book a cruise between this passed Tuesday, November 15th and the end of the year you would be eligible to receive a free RAZR mobile phone or a free BlackBerry 7100t, 7105t, or 7290.

To get the free BlackBerry, you have to book a trip to the Caribbean, Bermuda, or Mexico on one of five cruises, sign up to a T-Mobile contract, and buy a BlackBerry device for which you will receive a rebate. The offer is only valid if you live in the lower 48 or Hawaii.

I will say the same thing about this free BlackBerry offer as I say about all free BlackBerry offer. It is probably worth it if you were going to buy whatever service that the free BlackBerry is offered with, however, I wouldn’t book a cruise just to get the free BlackBerry.