Looking for a cool accessory for your brand new BlackBerry 8700? How about a 2006 BMW with BMW Assist (Bluetooth technology). According to Automobile.com, all 2006 BMW models that have BMW Assist from September 2005 production will be able to wirelessly pair the address book allowing you to make mobile calls using the on-board controls in the car or use hands-free voice command dialing.

BMW is going to bypass any RIM patent infringement legal woes by offering BlackBerry address book pairing only on Canadian-spec BMW models, however, other markets, including the United States, are expect to follow shortly.

Wireless address book pairing only works on BlackBerry devices that have BlackBerry OS 4.1 or higher installed. I believe that BlackBerry 8700, 7130e, and 7100i owners are good to go. Hopefully by the time this is offered in the U. S., OS upgrades for older model BlackBerry devices with Bluetooth will be available.

By the by,
I have heard that a RIM exec or two reads RIMarkable from time to time. If you send me a BMW to test with, I will be more than happy to write are review.