We have talked, a couple of times, about a bounty that Alex King set up to get a Bluetooth modem tether from an 87xx series BlackBerry to a Mac running OS X. The September 30th deadline was reached without anyone claiming the bounty, however, Alex extended the time frame because a promising submission, although not complete, came in at the last minute.

Well, all you Mac users should be glad that Alex extended a grace period because Daniel Pasco has created a solution for using a Blackberry 870x series device as a Bluetooth modem for a Mac running OS X.

Daniel is hard at work polishing it up and quashing the little quirks that exist in the early dev stages of any product, but it already has been tested and works with the 8700g (T-Mobile) and the 8703e (Sprint and Verizon).

Alex and Daniel hope to have version ready for testing by the bounty contributors soon.

BlackBerry Bluetooth Moded Tether for Mac