Lately I have been paying close attention to BlackBerry’s movement in the stock market. Now, I’m no market guru or anything close, but with the recent deal done with the Department of Defense this surged BlackBerry’s stock movement more than 8% to $10.74 per share today.

Coming from low $7 shares most recently, this is a huge improvement and market gain for BlackBerry. Investors are now starting to think twice about bailing out on BlackBerry, which has had its fair share of bad breaks over the past 2-4 yrs. With the addition of John Chen as CEO and the recent deals with Foxconn, The Department of Defense and a billion dollar investment from Fairfax Financial, BlackBerry has now put itself in position to focus on what they are best at…Security and Productivity.

BlackBerry also has BES10, BBM, QNX and the BlackBerry 10 OS working in their favor. Now some may say that BlackBerry 10 is a failure but that is far from the truth. What BlackBerry failed at was there inability to properly market those devices that run the BB10 OS. This indeed hurt them but they still have a great chance to turn BB10 into something special which will take some dedication and time. We must remember how implanted those BlackBerry legacy devices are not only in the enterprise, corporate and business world but just as deeply implanted on the consumer side worldwide.

I shall continue to watch this story unfold in the days coming ahead to see just what the future holds for BlackBerry.