appstore 22

Today MarketWatch posted an article that BlackBerry and Amazon are expected to announce a deal that would give BlackBerry exclusive rights to Amazon’s ecommerce app store. This would be huge news as BlackBerry has not had the developer love it had hoped for from big time app developers and companies to bring native built apps over to BlackBerry World.

The writing has been on the wall for some time now as current BB10 users, who have OS 10.2 running on their devices, can actually down load and install the Amazon App store directly on the BlackBerry 10 devices. Thanks to the beautiful built BlackBerry 10 operating system and the implementation of the Android Runtime feature, this allows BlackBerry users to download and install .apk files directly and run them on BlackBerry 10 devices.

Now if this deal goes through, this could be the leading way to BlackBerry having full access to Google Play services which most of the applications that are in Amazon App store require to run. Who knows what’s in store for BlackBerry assuming this deal goes through.

I get questions all the time about what happens to native BlackBerry App development and how would having access to Android apps play a role with BlackBerry World?

Well my thoughts are this, the runtime feature BlackBerry has built into OS 10 will continue to improve. There are no apps built specifically for Android devices that will run as smooth as a native built BlackBerry application. I welcome the access and understand the positioning, but I am in full support of the continued development of native BlackBerry Built applications.

Let’s see how this plays out and what the future holds for BlackBerry 10. Let us know your thought’s.