Just read an article over at Bloomberg stating that the BlackBerry10 OS will soon be ready for licensing. I have yet to decide if this is good move or not for BlackBerry and or the value it would bring to the current smart phone market.

Keep in mind that RIM will still continue make its own BlackBerry phones and products, but, has most likely made the decision to licence BB10.

As you know, I am a huge supporter of BlackBerry and there products , but, even this BlackBerry Boss sometimes questions certain moves and decisions made by RIM. Could this be the best way to get BB10 out to the market as quickly as possible, and, if so, which manufactures would support the OS?

I have no doubt that BB10 will be a much-needed phone and tablet OS with some “RIMarkable” features that will capture the attention of even the most hard-core BlackBerry Haters that exist.  Only time will tell, and, the way the year is moving, the launch of BB10 will be upon us before you know it.

Is this truly the best move for BlackBerry10?