BlackBerry UK is helping out Santa Clause by setting up Santa’s Little Helper, a site that allows those wanting to get their Christmas wish lists to the big guy up North as efficiently as possible to send an email to directly to Santa’s BlackBerry.

The site allows you to list five gifts that will be entered into Santa’s Present Processing System, that automatically sends the request off to production, a.k.a, the toy making elves, then sends a note to Father Christmas’ BlackBerry with address information that ties directly into the GPS capabilities of Santa’s new BlackBerry 8700.

Oh Yeah… Santa is high tech. Just see The Santa Clause 1, 2, or 3.

In addition to Christmas wish lists being sent to the North Pole, up to three other email addresses can be copied so that when Santa has his conferences with parents to see if their kids have been naughty or nice, everyone can be on the same page as to what toys Santa is bringing so no double gifting occurs.