We’ve been hearing rumors that a new version of SocialScope, one of the best BlackBerry Twitter clients available,  in my opinion, will soon get a major update.  There still is no definitive date for its release, however, the chatter has been significant over the passed week or so.

If the picture is any indication, SocialScope, looks like it has added Flickr support.  This is in addition to the Facebook integration.

The only reason that I don’t say the SocialScope is hands down the best Twitter client available for the BlackBerry is because it is still in closed beta and not everyone can get it.  Since UberTwitter is available to everyone, it currently holds the top spot.  We hear, however, that more SocialScope invites are being handed out.

If you haven’t already, sign up for Social Scope.  I was fortunate enough to get into the beta, so, I can honestly tell you that SocialScope is s BlackBerry Twitter client that you will want to have.

We’ve got a couple more pics after the jump…