Mobile web marketing outfit AdMob has released a report on global smartphone traffic for last month.blackberry-phone-mobile-web1.jpg

According to the report, 34% of mobile web traffic came from, you guessed it, a BlackBerry (and in most cases a Pearl). Running in a close second with 29% of handheld web access was global handset market leader (and our European friends) Nokia, and at the bottom of the scale it was another disappointment for Motorola who picked up just 1%.

Where the stats become a little more interesting is in respect of the iPhone where no actual figures were produced (iPhone pay off for a gagging order)?? Apparently iPhone traffic for February had “flattened” though, which falls in line with other reports that (now the hype and honeymoon is over) people have lost interest in the Jesus Phone.

Looking at mobile web ad requests in specific territories (which of course is what AdMob was most interested in) we can see that Motorola came top with 35% of all ad requests and, for my friends on this side of the pond, Sony Ericsson claimed the top spot in the UK with 37% of all ad requests.