If the number of questions I’ve gotten about how to set the speed dial, how to change speed dial entries, and why there are only 8 available slots for speed dial on the BlackBerry Storm and BlackBerry Storm2 is an indication of how RIM did over the holiday season…  RIM did pretty well.

Instead of trying to answer everyone individually I figured that I would create this little post to tell you how to quickly and easily manage the speed dial on your BlackBerry Storm or BlackBerry Storm2.

The first thing that we will say is that it is true that you only assign 8 speed dial numbers on the BlackBerry Storm and Storm2.  Number 1 is reserved for voice mail and you can assign numbers 2 -9.  Why can only assign 8 numbers as compared to 98 is beyond me, however, it is what it is so we’ll just move on.

To Set A Speed Dial Number:

  1. Go to your phone screen by pressing the green phone button.
  2. Click the Menu button and select options.
  3. On the Phone Options screen, select Speed Dial Numbers.
  4. On the Speed Dial Numbers screen, highlight the number that you would like to assign or change and click the menu button.
  5. Either Assign or Edit the highlighted entry and select the appropriate contact from the list.

That’s it…  Assigning a speed dial key on the BlackBerry Storm or Storm2 is pretty straight forward and easy.  As a matter of fact it is even easier to assign a contact to a speed dial number if you have never done so before…  Just hold the number down that you would like to assign in the Phone screen.  A dialog box will pop up asking you if you would like to assign Speed Dial to that number…