A CrackBerry.com commentator has left some juicy tidbits about the touchscreen keyboard on the upcoming touchscreen only BlackBerry Thunder. It will utilize localized haptic technology, err.. umm…, it will actually feel like you are clicking on an individual button when you touch a letter on the screen.

When you press on the Thunder’s screen, it pushes in “just” a little bit (the whole screen is sort of like a big button) and you get immediate “real” feedback – you hear an audible clickety sound, and can feel a buzz in your finger where you actually pressed on the display.

The BlackBerry Thunder will support both full QWERTY (landscape mode) and SureType (portrait mode) keyboards. We’re guessing that an accelerometer will allow seamless transition between the two.

We are also hearing the the the web browser on the BlackBerry Thunder is built on WebKit, the same engine that iPhone uses, so, multi-touch is a possibility.

I cannot wait for the BlackBerry Thunder to come out. It sounds better and better everyday.