I am not quite sure how long this banner has been in rotation on the BlackBerry website, but, RIM appears to be quietly letting people know that the BlackBerry is top dog when it comes to smartphones in America.

Many have made a big to do about the BlackBerry Curve 8300, losing it’s number one status to the the iPhone last year, but, failed to realize, or care, that RIM cannibalized it’s best seller a bit when they introduced its successor, the BlackBerry Curve 8500.

All is well with the BlackBerry brand and at Research in Motion.  Even though the Curve 8300 may not have been the number one seller last year, the BlackBerry brand is still clearly number one.  As a matter of  fact, RIM actually increased their lead over the iPhone as far as total market share is concerned .

It looks like the iPhone is just not the BlackBerry killer everyone thought it would be…