Research in Motion and the BlackBerry Storm took a bit of a beating yesterday after a pretty stupid comment by RIM co-CEO Jim Balsille in an WSJ article hit the internet.  One of the things mentioned in the article was that only 500,000 BlackBerry Storms shipped in it’s first month as compared to the 2.4 million iPhone 3G devices that shipped in its first quarter.  Verizon Wireless, however, posted Q4 earnings along with a few specifics on the BlackBerry Storm and it would appear that the Storm is doing a bit better than we initially thought.

Through January, Verizon has sold over 1 million BlackBerry Storm devices.  This is still behind the pace of the iPhone 3G, however, don’t forget that the BlackBerry Storm isn’t the only device that RIM sells.  If  RIM has already sold over 1 million BlackBerry Storm devices the total number of BlackBerry devices sold will easily beat the 2.4 million iPhones sold it’s first quarter.

I think that if RIM can put out an official OS update that gets the, “It’s not that bad now that they’ve got a lot of the kinks worked out”, type stamp off approval, I believe that RIM can buy themselves time to sure up a completely overhauled OS that I hope that they are secretly working on.

That, however, is for another post…

[Via ComputerWorld]