BlackBerry Storm 2 On-Hands Review

The folks over at Engadget Mobile recently got the opportunity to spend a few minutes with the BlackBerry Storm 2 which was recently rumored to be coming out by the end of June.  Engadget has a video of their hands-on time with the Storm 2, however, you won’t really see much more than you see here in this picture as the device isn’t working.

The major differences between the BlackBerry Storm 2 and the original BlackBerry Storm is the lack of the clickable SurePress keyboard.

The display is a capacitive number, and it’s definitely not SurePress, at least in the traditional sense; there’s nary a click to be found. In fact, it behaves rather like the iPhone’s screen as far as scrolling and even texture of the surface is concerned.

Additionally, the four physical buttons accross the bottom of the original Storm have been replaced by 4 soft buttons that are part of the touch screen.