There have been a lot of videos of the BlackBerry Storm 2 floating around lately, but, this latest one confirms (sort of) a rumor that we have believed to be the case for some time.  The BlackBerry Storm 2 is coming out in a GSM variant on AT&T.

In addition to the BlackBerry Storm 9550 coming out on Verizon, a BlackBerry Storm 9520 will come out on AT&T.

Besides big news about the Storm 2 coming in a GSM variant, the touch screen on the device appears to be really awesome.  Yes, that even means better than the iPhone, which the AT&T version of the Storm 2 will get to go head to head against.

Check out the video after the jump…

The touch screen being better than the iPhone is all fine and dandy, however, if I just wanted to be able to type better on a BlackBerry than what I could on on an iPhone I would go with a BlackBerry Tour.  The question for me is will the OS that runs on the Storm 2 improve enough to really compete with the iPhone in the areas that iPhone has advantages over the BlackBerry, i.e., memory, graphics, ease of software development, etc.

Analysts are giving RIM until next summer to catch up with the iPhone in these areas.  I actually don’t disagree with that, however, RIM cannot afford for the Storm 2 to suck as much as its predecessor.  If all the videos of the Storm 2 that are coming out can be believed, it doesn’t look like this will be the case.