If you listen to the hype machine that is Apple as well as the drones with a voice that hang on every word that comes out of the mouth of Steve Jobs, you might think that the iPhone is every other smartphone’s tail so royally, that they should just pack it up and not even try anymore.

That being said, comScore just released a report for U.S. smartphone market share growth during the 3 month period between October and January, and, once again, the BlackBerry has outpaced the iPhone…  Significantly so…

As you can see for the chart, Apple stayed almost flat with just 0.3% growth in their iPhone subscribers base.  RIM had over 5, almost 6 times the growth of Apple increasing its BlackBerry subscribers by 1.7%.

Google is actually the most impressive in list growing its subscriber base from 2.8% to 7.1% while both Palm and Microsoft lost share dropping 2.1% and 4% respectfully.

[Source comScore via Gizmodo]