RadioShack Flyer With Windows Mobile Running BlackBerry CurveEither someone in the RadioShack marketing department pays way too little attention to detail, or, Research in Motion has decided that the iPhone should get a chance to be on top.

Take a close look at the image. That ain’t the BlackBerry OS running on the BlackBerry Curve. I remember writing a post asking should Research in Motion create a device that runs Windows mobile and someone told me that it was BlackBerry sacrilege even to suggest such a thing.

This image was taken from the current RadioShack Father’s Day sale paper. Believe it or not, I actually have a copy of this flyer that I just picked up Friday. I never really looked at it to notice the BlackBerry Curve seemingly running Windows Mobile hanging on the peg board. We have to thank RIMarkable reader Ricardo for pointing this out to us.

We’ve got the full sales ad after the jump…

Radio Shack Flyer With Windows Mobile Running BlackBerry Curve