Research in Motion to unveil BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway

Research in Motion knows that the battlefield for smartphone supremacy is switching from the corporate market to the consumer market and it would appear that the BlackBerry maker is truly about to debut it’s first BlackBerry accessory truly targeting the consumer Market.

The Financial Post has discovered FCC filings of device registered to Taiwanese manufacturer, Uei Precision Industry Co., Ltd., however, the BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway has RIM’s logo and branding all over it.

The BlackBerry Remote Stereo Gateway is pretty much what it’s name implies. A little device that you plug into your stereo that connects wirelessly to your BlackBerry via Bluetooth from which it can play music files through you stereo.

Lets just hope that RIM is also working on the software side of things as well and will come out with a music store that you can buy songs over the air and a much improved media player.