After reading a few threads in various message boards it appears that one of the big misses with the BlackBerry Pearl is the lack of any type of holster. RIM definitely went the “cell phone” route with the Pearl giving you only the essentials to operate the device out of the box.

Not only does the BlackBerry Pearl not contain a holster, there didn’t seem to be any holsters or cases in the T-Mobile stores to buy either. This is where I think that Research in Motion made a mistake. RIM had to know that even though they are pushing the BlackBerry Pearl as a more consumer oriented BlackBerry that most people in stores yesterday buying the devices are die-hard existing BlackBerry users. Ones who are used to holsters and belt clips.

The Shop BlackBerry accessories store has skins for the BlackBerry Pearl and a leather carrying case, however, they won’t be available for a week or two. RIM is missing a huge opportunity to sell these accessories because they weren’t available to the folks picking up BlackBerry Pearls on day one. RIM should have known that the first Pearl customers would have been existing BlackBerry addicts that would have bought these accessories up left and right if made available.

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