The Wi-Fi bearing BlackBerry Pearl 8120, you know, the one supposed to make it’s U.S. debut on T-Mobile Feb. 18th, actually just came out on SunCom, which just happened to be bought by T-Mobile the other day.

There is no doubt that T-Mobile knew that SunCom was going to release the 8120 before them. “How could T-Mobile let that happen?”, you might ask. Well, IntoMobile has a great theory on that…

The parent company (T-Mobile) still has boatloads of current-generation BlackBerry 8100 Pearl inventory to clear out before they launch the WiFi-enabled version.

Anywho… If you live on one of a few southern states, Peurto Rico, or the Virgin Islands and you want to get your hands on the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 before mid February, give SunCom a call.