A Pinstack forums member that goes by the name The Outsider has posted a bit of confidential information about soon to be released BlackBerry 8820, 8310, and 8330. I have to tell you however, that the leaked device information that really caught my eye is for the BlackBerry Pearl 2.

Notice line 13 in the picture above. There will be a GPS CDMA version. This means that the Pearl 2 will be available to Verizon. There is no guarantee that this will come out on Verizon, however, I can’t imagine the Sprint, who has already confirmed that they will carry the Pearl 2, will carry a device that Verizon doesn’t.

I know that some of you are saying that Verizon will probably disable the GPS in the Pearl 2 and, quite honestly, there is really nothing in Verizon’s past that would make you think otherwise, however, I have been paranoid about spy satellites tracking my whereabouts ever since I saw Enemy of the State and Verizon may save me the trouble of disabling GPS myself. I will be happy just to have a SureType CameraBerry that works everywhere that I do.