So, the BlackBerry 8800 just came out, soon to be followed by the 8820. Verizon will eventually come out with an 88-something or other and the 8300 is the next “greatest BlackBerry ever.”

Personally, I think that RIM should continue with giving new BlackBerrys names like Pearl. I bet you way more people know the name BlackBerry Pearl as compared to BlackBerry 8100.

The BlackBerry numbers game can be quite confusing and even though the BlackBerry Pearl was hugely successful, RIM still aims to give you a plethora of number designations to distinguish their devices by. Fortunately, however, the Boy Genius has broken it all down for us…

  • 8800 (No Camera, GPS)
  • 8820 (No Camera but WiFi and GPS)
  • 8300 (Camera, no WiFi, no GPS)
  • 8320 (Camera, WiFi)
  • 83xx (Camera, WiFi, GPS)
  • 9xxx (Don’t get me started)