I spent a good half-hour or so playing with the Mobile ESPN phone from Sanyo at Best Buy last week and all I can say is that Research in Motion should have their people up in Waterloo talk to the ESPN people down in Bristol and figure out a way to come out with a new BlackBerry Mobile ESPN Edition device.

I am already thinking about carrying a second mobile device so that I can make calls while using the wireless services on the BlackBerry. When Mobile ESPN comes to Verizon I am sold.

If these two companies ever come together to offer Mobile ESPN service on a BlackBerry device I think that you would see existing sports loving BlackBerry users upgrading to whatever new units support the service faster than anything else RIM could add to the BlackBerry, less maybe digi-cams and an MP3 player.

My guess is the BlackBerry 8700 and 7130 series devices have all the horsepower they need to run Mobile ESPN for live updates. It probably wouldn’t take much to add the multimedia capabilities needed for streaming video.

It is inevitable that someone will eventually integrate Mobile ESPN into an existing smart-phone. Research in Motion may as well be first to do it.

Mobile ESPN