I find myself using BlackBerry Messenger more and more these days. It sits in the top spot on my 5 Must Have Free BlackBerry Downloads list. BlackBerry Messenger is fast, free, easy to setup, easy to use, and every BlackBerry user has access to it. It is almost the perfect Instant Messaging application.

There is, however, one BlackBerry Messenger feature request that I would like to make:

Desktop Support

I know that BlackBerry Messenger runs on Research in Motion’s private network using PIN messaging in the background and that a simple desktop client would compromise network security. What I am suggesting is some type of pass through client that works with BlackBerry Desktop Manager only when your BlackBerry is connected to your PC.

I love my BlackBerry, however, having to pick it up every time I want to send or respond to a BlackBerry Messenger messages seems kind of silly if I am already sitting at my desk with my BlackBerry connected to my PC. How cool would it be to have a new BlackBerry Messenger message come in and a little notification pops up in your system tray to which you can reply to just like you were using Google Talk or Yahoo Instant Messenger?

BlackBerry Messenger